Ariat vs. Justin Work Boots


In terms of high-quality work boots, two of the most prominent names in the industry are Ariat and Justin. Both brands are among the most trusted names in the field considering the fact that they constantly aim to produce high-quality and durable work boots.

However, while there are some similarities between Ariat and Justin, take note that there are also a few differences. Delve deeper into Ariat vs. Justin work boots and how the two maintain a great reputation in this industry through this article.

By gathering information about the two brands, you can also better decide, which between the two is suitable enough for you.

Ariat vs. Justin Work Boots – Their Beginnings

One of the things that you have to take note of about the two brands is that they have different beginnings. Ariat, for instance, started in 1993. It was founded with the help of Pam Parker and Beth Cross who during that time, planned to build a company with an aim of revolutionizing the footwear designed for riders.

The co-founders are fully aware of how stiff traditional riding boots are and how hard and heavy they are at times on the feet. Such prompted them to group together top footwear designers and engineers at that time as a means of creating the most innovative riding boots worldwide designed for Western and English riders.

From the time it was founded, Ariat received positive feedback and good reception from the public. In fact, it is considered to be one of the top brands of performance footwear brands for English and Western users in America.

It has been in the business for over twenty years and until now, it still continues to push its limits in terms of the technology and style it uses for their footwear. It has also built a great reputation, especially for first-time buyers of work boots who want to wear one for comfort.

Justin Boots, on the other hand, started earlier than Ariat. It actually began its business in the year 1879 when H.J Justin, a boot repairman moved to Texas and built his own company at the comforts of his home.

Justin is known for the durability and quality of their boots considering the fact that a single pair requires over a hundred steps to complete. Also, each pair of Justin boots makes use of over sq. ft. of natural leather, which is the main reason why the output is truly valuable for buyers.

The company started in America and it still continues its operation in the country up to this day. It has also established an excellent reputation, especially in terms of authenticity and performance. Presently, Justin Boots boasts of its three factories in the US, making it the biggest domestic footwear manufacturer in the country.

Ariat vs. Justin Work Boots – How They Fit 


Ariats work boots are noted to run slightly larger. The indicated sizing of their boots, for instance, are either true to their size or a half size smaller when compared to the size of your street shoes. That said, you have to know exactly how the Ariat work boots fit you prior to buying.

You know that it fits well if it snugly fits your heel, too. Also, when wearing the Ariat work boots, you will notice a bit of lift or movement in the heel when you are walking. It is mainly because a well-fitted boot tends to flex while you are walking. It should also cause your heel to lift a bit but not too much.

Also, you will notice that the Ariat boots come with a stiffer stole when they are still new. You can expect the sole to become even more flexible and comfortable, though, once you break it in.

Just like Ariat, Justin work boots also tend to run slightly larger. The size indicated may also mean that it comes at its true size or is around one-half size smaller. In this case, you have to take into consideration three vital factors when buying a work boot from Justin – the ball, heel, and the instep.

Also, take note that the ultimate decision on which among the work boots from Justin fits you well is actually dependent on your own personal preference. It could be based on how the shoe feels based on the three mentioned factors.

Ariat vs. Justin Work Boots – Durability

In terms of durability, both Ariat and Justin work boots deliver. For instance, the Ariat Workhog Trek 8 H20, which is considered to be one of Ariat’s most superior footwear, is full of qualities that make it truly durable.

It is constructed out of welt following the Goodyear concept, making it stronger than others and ensuring that it won’t give up that fast. You can also expect it to last long as there is a water-resistant system used all throughout its body.

It works in keeping water away from the boots with the aid of a special full grain leather, which also comes with an impermeable membrane covering. With that, expect the interiors of the shoe to stay dry even when you expose it to wet conditions, thereby preventing possible damage.

The fact that there is a mesh lining in the boot also makes it stronger without compromising its flexibility and comfort. It is possible for you to notice the same level of flexibility from the other work boots offered by Ariat.

Justin work boots also never fail to impress in terms of durability. In fact, many say that as far as durability is concerned, Justin is better than Ariat. It is mainly because it makes use of the best type of leather in its boot’s anatomy. The leather material is high-quality enough while also feeling amazing when you touch it.

In addition, the boots from Justin are also known for their excellently durable construction. It tends to combine simple yet high-quality and durable materials as a means of producing sturdy boots guaranteed to last for years.

With that quality, you have some sort of assurance that it will last for years, giving you real value for your money.

Ariat vs. Justin Work Boots – Level of Comfort

Ariat does not disappoint in terms of offering maximum comfort to its users. In fact, most of the boots from the brand make use of three prominent features designed to offer the highest level of comfort to its wearers.

One of these is the footbed cushioned with gel. Such footbed does not only offer a high level of comfort but also excellent foot support and enough stability. The brand also makes use of an EVA midsole, which also boasts of their shock-absorbing properties.

With that in mind, you have an assurance that it can offer adequate support as you take each step. You will also notice that extra wide shank of most of the boots from the brand. Such feature is designed to provide more than enough room for your feet to breathe.

The good thing about the shanks is that they are also equipped with heel stabilizers. With the presence of stabilizers, you know that it can offer a high level of support for your feet while also minimizing work fatigue. With all these features, it is no longer surprising to see Ariat being more superior to Justin in terms of comfort.

However, that does not necessarily mean that the boots from Justin can be considered as disappointments in terms of comfort. In fact, they are built with an insole, which makes use of a double comfort system.

Such makes use of new orthotic inserts, offering a feeling of comfort each time you walk and take each step. It can also offer long-lasting support and comfort.

Ariat vs. Justin Work Boots – Protection

You will also be glad to know that both Ariat and Justin are work boots built with a high level of protection. Some of the boots from the Ariat brand feature a composite toe, which is more than enough to give workers protection from heavy objects that might fall on their feet.

They also feature a slip-resistant and oil-resistant outsole, which is beneficial as they protect you from accidental falls even if you work in an area with slippery surfaces and floors. The outsole is also designed with a high level of wear protection and ergonomic flexibility.

Justin work boots are also protective in the sense that they are capable of resisting electrical hazards. The work boots from the brand are often built with an electrical hazard protection designed to guarantee your safety from open electrical currents that are up to 18,000 volts.


Work boots are meant to give you a high level of comfort, protection, and durability – and that’s what you can expect to receive from the footwear offered by Ariat and Justin. Just make sure that you spend time comparing the different work boots from both brands so you can really pick one that is compatible with your standards and needs.

Are Steel Toe Boots Bad for your Feet?


Steel toe boots are among those types of footwear that can be categorized as safety shoes. It is due to the fact that they are primarily designed to offer a high level of protection to your feet. Wearing a steel toe boot can actually provide you with a more secure feeling.

It is meant to help you handle the dangers that might affect your feet, especially if you are in a hazardous workplace. The problem is that there are also those who say that steel toe boots are not totally safe for the feet. Some say that it might harm the feet when worn for prolonged periods of time.

While it could be true, take note that those issues will only happen if you wear the wrong fit or the one that is not totally suitable for you. Find out how poor-fitting steel toe boots can be bad for your feet and how to buy to right one to prevent such issues.

Foot Problems that a Steel Toe Boot Might Cause


As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to be really careful when making your choice of a steel toe boot; otherwise, you might end up with a poor-fitting one that can lead to the following issues that are bad for your feet:

Chafing – As a safety footwear, your steel toe boot will most likely have steel plates found in the instep area, as well as a steel toe cap. Both of these are helpful in giving you your desired level of protection. The problem with it is that it is not totally flexible.

With that in mind, wearing an incorrect size of steel toe boot might cause the steel toe cap and plates to start cutting into your feet. This might lead to chafing, which is totally uncomfortable. Chafing can cause too much discomfort in the sense that you may have a difficult time standing on your feet for a long time.

Overly Tight Boots – Another issue associated with steel toe boot is if you purchased an overly tight one. Note that if it is too tight, then it might result in a number of foot conditions including blisters, calluses, corns, hammertoes, and neuromas.

Any of the mentioned conditions are totally distressing, especially for workers who have to be on their feet. A wise tip to prevent such problems is to ensure that your steel toe boot comes at a size where you can easily wiggle your toes inside. Avoid believing that a tight shoe will eventually stretch out after several uses.

Remember that the steel toe cap integrated into the footwear will prevent it from stretching. That said, it should really fit well. It should not be too tight and should have more than enough space for your toes to wiggle comfortably.

Sore Legs – It should be noted that a steel toe boot is heavier when compared to the other types of footwear. It is mainly because it makes use of heavy steel as well as really thick materials.

During the first initial uses, you will notice that your legs feel sore because of the added weight they carry. It is possible for you to prevent such problem, though, by strengthening your legs through proper exercises. They should be able to handle the weight of the steel toe boots to prevent soreness in the area.

Constant Rubbing – Constant rubbing on your feet might also cause chafing. It might happen if you have wide feet then purchase a boot, which is too loose that it will have a difficult time compensating for the width. The constant rubbing of your feet to the hard part of the boot might cause chafing.

You can solve this problem temporarily by integrating a soft insert on the boot’s insoles or heel. If you want a more permanent solution, though, then the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you buy the right fit.

How to Ensure that you Buy the Right Steel Toe Boots?


One of the best solutions to ensuring that you won’t end up experiencing the foot problems mentioned above is to purchase the right steel boot, which is compatible with the size and width of your feet. It should also be designed with all the features you need in a safety footwear.

Here are some tips for finding the right steel toe boots that won’t cause any foot problem:

Ensure that it’s comfortable – The right fit of the boot can contribute a lot to making you feel comfortable. With that in mind, spend time figuring out which among your options is indeed the most comfortable fit for you. Avoid steel toe boots that are too narrow or short as such might trigger discomfort.

Avoid boots that are too big as well since it might trigger hot spots and blisters, especially when you move too much. It should be comfortable enough even when you wear socks. Another sign that it’s comfortable is if it comes with a proper cushion at the bottom.

Assess the quality – Note that those with poor quality have the tendency of wearing out too quickly. Also, cheap linings and leather material can’t be expected to last that long.

You know that you’re getting a good steel toe boot if it is comfortable enough and made of high-quality materials, like leather or good quality textile linings. Assess the material and the stitching, too. Both should be durable and shouldn’t cause any pain and discomfort in your feet.

Go for a water-resistant one – If possible, choose a steel toe boot known for using waterproof materials. The waterproof feature is often necessary, especially if you are someone who stands in the water for too long. This will prevent moisture that can be harmful to your feet from penetrating inside.

Look for a well-insulated boot – Assess the level of insulation provided by the steel toe boot you are planning on buying, especially if you plan to use it outdoors. Remember that a steel toe boot, which lacks insulation might be too hot, especially during the summer.

It can, therefore, cause your feet to sweat. With that in mind, you really have to figure out whether the boot is well-insulated prior to buying for your comfort and protection.

Take good care of it – Ensure that the boot receives proper maintenance to make it last longer and ensure that it will stay comfortable every time you use it. What you have to do is to dry it after working for too long.

Make sure to clean it up regularly, too. Get rid of the mud to prevent the leather material from drying out, which might trigger discomfort and foot problems.


A steel toe boot is known for its protective nature. It can keep you safe and secure, especially if your job requires you to stay in a place with plenty of work hazards. However, you have to ensure that you don’t just buy any steel toe boot without ensuring that it fits and suits you well.

By buying a steel toe boot, which fits properly, you can expect it to do its job of protecting you while also preventing foot problems.

What is a Steel Shank in a Boot?


For your boot to perform its function of supporting and protecting your feet, it needs to have a feature designed to offer optimal support. In most cases, it is the shank that provides such support. The shank of your boot actually refers to that part of supportive structure found between the outsole and insole.

The shank is important as it improves the functionality of boots, especially those designed for mountaineering. It is because of the ability of this feature to get rid of the load incurred by your calves and feet during an ascent. The rigid materials used in the shank are also helpful in making your boot even more protective.

They can shield your feet from stone bruises and wounds. In most cases, it is also the shank, which defines and shapes your boots. It can offer you a stable platform by stiffening the outsole.

It should be noted that a shank can be constructed from various materials. Some of the materials used in a shank of a boot are plastic, fiber combinations, steel combinations, and steel. Steel is considered to be the most traditional among the mentioned materials. It is also known for its high level of protection.

Learn more about a steel shank and how it can protect you by reading this article.

Steel Shank Defined


A steel shank refers to the flat piece of material inserted into your boot. You can find it just beneath the arch, specifically between the ball and heel areas. Obviously, the shank is constructed from steel. Contrary to what others believe, though, a boot will not become extremely heavy just because it has a steel shank.

In fact, the steel material used in the shank is a thin piece featuring a natural springiness and flexibility. Such makes the material an excellent choice for a shank of a boot. It is important to note that boots and shoes that feature steel shanks actually come with a stainless steel insert contoured to fit the shoe’s natural shape.

It is also designed in such a way that it can strengthen the footwear’s bottom construction. Also, remember that while steel shanks differ in terms of shape and size, the most common out of them can actually be likened to the shape of a tiny comb that you can put in your pocket.

In most cases, shoe and boot manufacturers install the steel shank in the thinnest part of the footwear, specifically in between the wearer’s feet and the shoe’s sole. You can also find steel shanks that extend in such a way that they cover the whole sole of the footwear.

What are the Benefits of a Steel Shank?


There are actually numerous benefits associated with investing in a steel shank and installing it in your boot. One is that it helps you save money. Note that if your boot wears out or loses its structure, then the first thing that you might think about is to buy a new one.

If you have a steel shank, then there is no need for you to buy a new pair of boots or switch into another brand. You can just use the steel shank as it is guaranteed to help keep your boot sturdy and reliable, making it last longer.

A work boot with a steel shank is also beneficial for those with medical conditions affecting the bottom part of their feet, like fallen arches. It can also give you the protection you need from sharp objects. It can reduce injuries as it can help prevent sharp objects from penetrating inside or puncturing the bottom part of your boot.

That benefit can be attributed to the fact that aside from the steel shank, the boot will also have a steel insole. You can expect this insole to run the whole length of the footwear. Such steel insole together with the shank can help prevent sharp objects from penetrating beneath the shoe, thereby preventing injuries.

If you are a worker who spends too much time on your feet, then you will also feel glad that steel shank can give you the optimal support you need. It is comfortable and supportive, which is a big help to your overworked arches. Wearing steel shanks can also help prevent your foot muscles from getting worn out and injured.

In addition, the built-in steel shank is also helpful in maintaining the natural shape of your boot’s sole. Such is the key to preventing discomfort and fatigue. It can also help retain the excellent condition of expensive and comfortable work boots.

If you are someone who climbs a ladder frequently, then the steel shank can also minimize the pressure triggered by the rungs against your feet’s bottom.

Is Steel Shank Better than Composite?


Aside from steel, a composite is also a popular material used in a boot’s shank. Which is actually better than the two? You can make a decision by considering various important factors, like the ones below:


In terms of price, steel is considered to be a clear winner when compared to composite. It is because boots featuring steel shanks tend to be less expensive than those with composite shanks. That said, a steel shank is definitely a great option if you have a limited budget.


In terms of protection, steel is also considered to be better than composite. Boots featuring steel shanks are mainly designed to give wearers superior protection. The steel material used in the shank is really effective in protecting your foot from injuries. It can also fortify your boot.

In addition, it can offer protection from punctures. Most composite shanks lack the solidarity often found in boots with steel shanks, which is why they are not as protective. However, take note that composite shank is also a good choice if you want to protect yourself from injuries caused by electricity.

It is because composite shanks are known for having a higher level of electrical resistance than those made of steel.


Many say that composite shanks are more comfortable than steel. It is probably because composite is lighter in weight compared to steel. Such makes it a good choice if you need to use it for long hours. However, steel shanks come in close second to steel as far as comfort is concerned so it is still a good choice.

Work industry

When you are trying to pick between a steel and a composite shank, you have to determine the work industry you are a part of. It is because it has a say on which between the two will definitely work for you.

If you are part of an industry which requires you to deal with heavy equipment most of the time, then a boot with a steel shank is a must for you as it is more protective.

Picking the most suitable one for you between composite and steel shank can definitely help you wear the right footwear designed to minimize discomfort and pain that your feet may experience, especially in the workplace. It ensures that your feet will stay protected from workplace hazards and certain medical conditions that bother the sole.

The good thing about a boot with a steel shank is that it always comes with a sturdy and rigid sole, capable of supporting those who work for long hours on their feet. It’s also helpful for those with problems affecting the bottom of their feet.

Final Words

With the many benefits provided by a steel shank, investing in it is definitely a wise move. It can offer you a high level of support and protection. It can also give you peace of mind when you are doing your daily routines, whether it involves climbing ladders or ascending inclines.

You will also feel at ease knowing that your boot will be able to retain its excellent condition even if you use it often. The fact that it can protect you from injuries is also one of the reasons why investing in a steel shank and integrating it to your boot is a must for workers, like you.

Wolverine: The Raider vs. The Buccaneer Work Boots


Work boots are divided into multiple brands and boot types, but one of the top brands remain the Wolverine brand with their top quality boots. Both the buccaneer and the raider are some of the best they have to offer, but they both have a different set of fans, but will ultimately help you to get the job done when in use.

Wolverine can be considered one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of boots and they have been in the industry for around 130 years. This gives them great credibility and many people still choose their boots as their go-to when it comes to quality and design.

We have had the opportunity to test out both of these boots and while they are both top quality, you might be stuck thinking which one is the best for you and will meet your needs and purposes. This is where we come in and we have tested them both to find out which one is the best and which of the features will be ideal for your specific style of work.

Read on to find out which of them will be the best fit for you and your current job!

Wolverine Raider vs. Buccaneer Comparison


By comparing both of the boots, you should be more inclined to see which features are the same and which are a little different. This will enable you to find out which one is ideal for meeting your needs when it comes to working. While many people have experience using both these boots, others have never used them and this comparison should let you know with which one to get started:


Both of these boots have been designed with top quality leather as the base and while they are similar in terms of this, they do have some differences when it comes to the leather. The Raider is a little more rugged and tough and this will make it one of the best options if you are looking for durability, while the Buccaneer is made from softer leather that makes them a little more comfortable and easier to break in.

In terms of overall durability, both of them have a great reputation and will stand out from the crowd. The Raider is a little better and after it has been stretched out, you should find it comfortable and have somewhat of a longer lifetime when using it.


The comfort levels on both of these boots are quite impressive. Both will take some time to break in, but the Buccaneer tends to be the best when you need a boot ready quickly. It should not take you more than one day to break in the buccaneer, but at first, it will still be a little uncomfortable and might leave you with sore feet by the end of the day.

The Raider, on the other hand, will also offer decent comfort and it has been fitted with gel cushioning on the inside. The raider also features multiple pressure pads throughout the boot and this also includes the heal area to ensure the maximum amount of comfort you might need. With the lack of a steel toe, the Buccaneer is also much lighter for those long days.

Safety Features

Both of these boots can be found with or without a steel toe. However, adding one will increase the weight quite significantly and it will also add to the price. One thing we can agree on when it comes to safety boots is that a safety toe is certainly an important aspect that needs to be added for the best protection and to meet ANSI standards.

Unfortunately, none of these boots are resistant to electrical hazards and this could reduce the amount of versatility you have with each boot. Fortunately, they both have perfect insulation and this is ideal for cold weather jobs and they are also both waterproof, giving you the ability to trek through the water as well.

Outer Sole

Once again, these boots match one another closely and they have large lug outer soles with unique patterns that will enable them to be slip resistant anywhere you need to go. The boots have both been tested on oily and water surfaces, but they are not the best for trekking through the ice.

Both of these shoes can be used in construction, but when comparing them to something with the features you would find in some of the KEEN boots, you will see that they do lack some features that could have been useful.


The Buccaneer is the more expensive of the two and it is also the most comfortable of the two. It might be a little more expensive than the Raider, but you will definitely get the best value for your money. The raider is the perfect boot for those looking for something cheaper and affordable. It does not have all the features you will see in the buccaneer and the style seems to be a little off as well.

When choosing between these two, the pricing should not play such a significant role and you will need to focus on the features and the quality.

Our Final Verdict

Choosing between these two turns out to be rather tough and when comparing the prices to the features of each boot, you will see that they both offer great value for the money. We would recommend both of them to anyone looking for work boots, but if you have the budget to buy the buccaneer, this would certainly be the number one choice to stick with.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would also like to encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these boots. Please also let us know in the comment section which one of them you would choose and if you have any more comparisons you would like to see.

Timberland: The Pit Boss vs. The Titan Safety Boots


Safety boots are the staple of the working class and while most people prefer to look for the cheapest rather than the best due to the lack of income. We would like to recommend two of the best safety boots on the market today that should help you when it comes to choosing something new and packed full of quality features.

We had the opportunity to test out the Timberland Pit Boss and the Timberland Titan safety boots and while both of them are top quality, many people are still asking which one is the best and which one they should choose.

While both of these boots are definitely great, they do appeal to people for different reasons and you might also be a fan of the one, but not the other. If you have never tried one of these boots, this article will definitely be perfect for you and full of good information to use when it comes to these different boots.

Read on to find out how these boots do differ from one another and which one should work for which type of job or person on the job!

Timberland Pit Boss vs. Titan Comparison


The Titan and the Pit Boss are both top quality boots, but they also have a few slight differences that set them apart from one another. We have compared both boots to find out what the differences are and how you could easily see which one you would like and which one should be perfect for you to choose to meet your needs.

Materials Quality

Both of these boots are made from top quality leather materials. However, the Titan is made from full grain leather and tends to be one of the most comfortable boots that you will find on the market today. The Pit boss, on the other hand, features a thick Nubuck design and this will be a little tougher and more rugged as well.

Since the leather is somewhat softer on the Titan boot, they tend to be much better out of the box and they have no break in period. The Pit Boss tends to be a little tougher and you will need to wear it for a couple of days to ensure that it does fit comfortably in the end.

Safety Toe

The safety toe does have a major influence on the weight of the boot and since the Titan does have an alloy toe, it is much lighter and easier to use than the Pit Boss for longer working days. The Pit Boss features a durable steel toe and while this does keep the price down a little bit, it also adds a lot of weight to the boot.


When talking about comfort, there can be no denying that the Titan is rated as one of the most comfortable work boots for concrete in the world. It is not only comfortable thanks to the softer leather, but the limited amount of weight also be perfect for working longer hours and making a day easier.

On the other hand, we have the durable and tough Pit Boss. It does not have the same comfort level to start with, but it will certainly be a useful boot when it comes to durability. The Pit Boss needs some breaking in and this might not be ideal. It is also a little heavier and will be tough on your feet when it comes to fatigue.


The outer sole is greatly linked to the traction of the boot and the more traction it has, the better it will be in different circumstances. The Pit boss tends to have a little better traction in all weather conditions. It is ideal for working in the rain or climbing up ladders thanks to the unique lug pattern it has.

The Titan will better for use when it comes to walking on flat and wet surfaces, but it does not particularly hold up well on oily or icy surfaces. The Titan is the boot you will choose when it comes to comfort and not for the traction.

Padding and Inner Lining

The padding and inner lining of the boot are designed to offer the best possible comfort you could have. The Titan is much more padded than the Pitt boss when it comes to the overall design, but the Pitt boss does have some extra padding when it comes to the top collar.

Both of them have abrasion resistant inner linings that could keep you from any potential scars and problems that might occur around the ankle and top of the foot area.


The Titan tends to be the more expensive one when it comes to purchasing them, but thanks to the features, the Titan does seem to be a great investment if you are looking at overall comfort. The Pit Boss is still a great option to choose from when it comes to the value for your money and we would recommend them as well.

Our Final Verdict

Choosing the best one is quite tough and they both have unique features that can be beneficial to your circumstances. The Titan is the better one of the two when it comes to design and comfort, but the Pit Boss is a little better for those looking for more durability. The Titan does have the edge when it comes to resisting fatigue and this is due to the alloy toe that has been used in the place of steel.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions on both these boots. We would also like you to let us know which one of them you would choose and why. If you think something else can also be competitive with these boots, please also let us know to check them out as well.

KEEN Utility Men’s Davenport Mid Waterproof Industrial and Construction Shoe Review


Working in the construction industry is definitely no joke and it can be quite a daunting business if you do not have the right gear and equipment to help you. Your shoes are one of the most important parts of working in this industry and it does help a little if you have the best quality and value on the market to keep you protected and ensure you are walking in comfort.

Since the construction industry accounts for most of the workforce in the world, we have decided to look a little deeper into one of the best brands on the market today. KEEN definitely stands out as one of them and the KEEN Utility Men's Davenport Mid Waterproof Industrial and Construction Shoe stands out as one of the best.

Fortunately, we have had the opportunity to test this shoe and find out exactly whether or not it is worth the money and if you will be making a great investment when purchasing it. After using it for numerous days, I found this to be the results and the effects of this shoe:




Designed from a combination of leather and textile materials, this shoe certainly holds it’s own when it comes to durability. The woven textile is perfect for reducing the weight a little bit and it will also make the shoes a little more flexible to wear.

Thanks to the leather, you have perfect durability and since it has been tanned, the shoe also tends to be heat resistant and features the ability to keep your feet protected when walking in extremely volatile conditions or areas. One thing you will notice in all KEEN boot is the ability to resist electrical hazards as well.

Outer Sole

Made from durable rubber, the outer sole on this boot is definitely quite durable as well. It features a unique lug pattern that should enable you to have maximum grip and allow you to trek through wet and slippery conditions with ease as well. The rubber sole is also hard and this means that it keeps you protected or has the ability to protect your feet on volatile surfaces.

Additionally, you will find asymmetrically designed composite toes in the boots. The boots will be easy to work with and you should have no troubles when it comes to hazardous or falling objects. Since they have been asymmetrically designed, the boot also ensures more comfort than your average shoe.

Inner Sole

One of the biggest concerns is the inner sole and the fact that is made from PU cushioning. Unfortunately, PU cushioning is not as thick and it does not mold to the shape of your feet as easily as something like EVA would. PU cushioning is ideal for those not suffering from any particular foot problem that could cause some problems.

Additional Features

  • KEEN waterproof dry membrane: This waterproof membrane will keep the shoes from being filled with water, enabling you to walk in virtually any conditions and environment.
  • Odor-Resistant: The boot is odor-resistant and will ensure no bacterial properties will have the ability to invest in your shoe. This also keeps the boots from ever giving off a foul stench if it is worn often.
  • Lightweight: This makes the boot perfect for anyone who needs to deal with fatigue and problems. A lightweight boot is one of the best when it comes to dealing with longer working hours and keeping your work going on your feet when the fatigue does start to set in at the end of the day.


After testing the shoe for a couple of days, I found it to be extremely comfortable for my feet with the inner sole. The PU cushioning worked fine for me, but if someone is suffering from pronation or supination, it might be a little different and the pain might be somewhat tougher as well. For those suffering from this, I would rather recommend EVA cushioning in the boot.

The durability is also something that stood out and thanks to the tough tanned leather, the boots never showed any sign of weakness or pulling apart. For someone working long hours in tough terrains, the boot should be a perfect addition or even gift if they are in the family this festive season.

Lastly, the arch support is great and the shoe does not push down on your feet in any way. It is extremely comfortable and should not give you any problems. The waterproof and electric resistance offers you the ability to move better and on any surface. Nothing can be as great as having multifunctional use or versatility to contend with.

I would also like to mention something about the price. It should be no surprise that the KEEN boots tend to be rather expensive, but they also offer the best value for money in the price range. If you are looking for something cheaper, I can guarantee, you will need to give up some of the features that are commonly found in the KEEN Utility Men's Davenport Mid Waterproof Industrial and Construction Shoe.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely durable and comfortable design
  • Oil and slip resistant outer sole
  • Electric resistant
  • Waterproof design
  • Lightweight and perfect for avoiding and reducing fatigue


  • The boots are quite expensive to buy
  • They might be a little oversized for those with smaller feet
  • PU cushioning lacks overall comfort

Final Verdict (Should you buy it or not?)

After testing them and talking to a couple of old working class people who love and hate them, it does turn out to be a difficult decision to make. No one really has any ability to complain about them and this does make them one of the best options you could choose from. I would definitely buy a pair and recommend them to anyone looking for the most comfortable work boots 2018.